Fifth Grade - Ms. Cheryl Biebighauser
Sun, March 29, 2015

Fifth Grade at EDW is about....

Reading: making connections, asking questions, determining importance, visualizing, making inferences,                      synthesizing, reading novels, readers' responses, guided group work

Writing:  descriptive, narrative, expository, responding to literature, writing poetry, persuasive,                                   research, using the Six Traits, writing process, grammar

Language:  word study and spelling strategies

Math:  basic facts, problem solving, using EveryDay Math curriculum

Social Studies: Native Americans, Explorers, Colonization, American Revolution, Government,                                              Geography, Slavery, Immigration

Science:  Landforms, Environments, Variables, Great Body Shop health units

Character:   Responsive classroom, Second Steps anti-bullying program, PBIS                                                                                                                                                                                                      



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